Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet M&M's | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published: 11 September 2019
  • Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet M&M's. M&M's are available in just about every color known to man, but there is one color that is objectively the best: green. Scientists have puzzled over this curiosity since the inception of M&M's in 1941. MIT Professor of Cognitive Sciences Dr. Bertrand Mathers has dedicated the entirety of his postdoctoral studies to this conundrum, labeling it the Green M&M Dilemma. With the dedicated assistance of researcher Loretta Marshall, Mathers has finally unveiled his ultimate theory on the subject. “After more than fifty years of sleepless nights, proposed and rejected ideas and quite a few cavities,” Dr. Mathers read from a lectern at an August 15, 2019 press conference, “My life’s work has finally reached its culmination. I have found the solution to the Green M&M Dilemma.” Dr. Mathers, never one to skimp on dramatics, spun around to face a chalkboard covered by a red velvet curtain. Pulling it aside, he revealed his grand solution: ‘The color green is the best color, so therefore green M&M’s are the best M&M’s.’ A stunned silence in the crowd was quickly following by a standing ovation lasting over five minutes. Finally, as the applause died down, Dr. Mathers, red-cheeked and clutching a bottle of celebratory champagne, added: “And now we begin our studies into why blue M&M’s are definitely the next best M&M’s!”
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet M&M's | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit   1 weeks back

    Get an iconic Claire shirt here:

    • T Stormer
      T Stormer  3 hours back

      can i get a claire for pocket use and cutes??

    • mik
      mik  2 days back

      please please please Gourmet Pirouette wafers!

    • Siddhi amin
      Siddhi amin  2 days back

      @sinny k yes

    • sinny k
      sinny k  2 days back

      @Siddhi amin i typed "diary milk chocolate" and the only thing that came up was Cadbury DAIRY milk chocolate. is that what you're talking about?

  • Max Warner
    Max Warner  16 minutes back

    How old is Claire

    • Jewwy Fooguhsun
      Jewwy Fooguhsun  23 minutes back

      God Clair is unpleasant.

      • Dabednego
        Dabednego  28 minutes back

        6:17 Her Smile and Optimism: Gone

        • Sierra Galvan
          Sierra Galvan  37 minutes back

          I would love to see Claire make gourmet Fig Newtons!

          • Tyra Bohnas
            Tyra Bohnas  41 minutes back

            Any one else thinking.... YOU HAVE THE AIRBRUSH! Airbrush the m on!!!

            • Lauren Ashley
              Lauren Ashley  2 hours back

              Please make gourmet hot tamales

              • Elsie Nudd
                Elsie Nudd  2 hours back

                do candy corn PLEASEEE!!!

                • Leopard Bra Brado
                  Leopard Bra Brado  3 hours back

                  didn't she already make a candy shell in the skittles video? that one seemed so much easier

                  • Crabby Piper
                    Crabby Piper  3 hours back

                    A rock tumbler might have worked for spinning the M&M's

                    • Wafflemonster33
                      Wafflemonster33  3 hours back

                      She’s so cute

                      • Leopard Bra Brado
                        Leopard Bra Brado  3 hours back

                        Cut 3 or 4 pieces of bamboo skewer or chopsticks and put them into the mold. Use them to align the mold perfectly.

                    • Dave David
                      Dave David  4 hours back

                      @Bon Appétit Buy Clair an ankarsrum mixer! They work the opposite of a kitchen aid, the bowl spins instead of the head so she can tumble all kinds of stuff... like gobstoppers perhaps? Lots of love, David.

                      • Jessica Rodriguez
                        Jessica Rodriguez  4 hours back

                        I petition gourmet Goldfish.

                        • Aisling
                          Aisling  4 hours back


                          • Luke Johnson
                            Luke Johnson  5 hours back

                            If you take requests, I'd love to see a gourmet Lion bar.

                            • Kyle Helfrich
                              Kyle Helfrich  6 hours back

                              What would be cool to make next is some mallowmars since its that time of the season

                              • Tyra Bohnas
                                Tyra Bohnas  6 hours back

                                I don’t think I have ever seen brad without a hat! He is so cute!!

                                • J M
                                  J M  6 hours back

                                  rock tumbler in a refrigerator to polish

                                  • Mark
                                    Mark  6 hours back

                                    These vids are a snooze fest. A pastry chef given numerous days to recreate something....You don’t have to be any kind of chef when given that much time. Days, weeks, months. You’d get it eventually. Yawn.

                                    People still watch, though. So 🤷🏻‍♂️

                                    • Crystal Rivera
                                      Crystal Rivera  7 hours back

                                      would love to see a gourmet air heads!

                                      • Crystal Rivera
                                        Crystal Rivera  7 hours back

                                        air heads!

                                        • ckaji15
                                          ckaji15  8 hours back

                                          The pretzel M&Ms are the best

                                          • James
                                            James  8 hours back

                                            To whomever wrote the description to this video, I SEE YOU I APPRECIATE YOU YOU ARE GREAT *slow claps*

                                            • Galen Mayhew
                                              Galen Mayhew  9 hours back

                                              It would be amazing to see if Claire could make gourmet "Gari Gari-Kun," a popular and common Japanese popsicle. It is basically crunchy shaved ice encased in a popsicle shell, and there isn't really anything like it in America so it'd be fun to make Claire's recipe at home!

                                              • S KC
                                                S KC  9 hours back

                                                1st mistake was to make a mould out of full size M&Ms. That is why the size got bigger and bigger by all those coatings.

                                                • David Hicks
                                                  David Hicks  9 hours back

                                                  Cut 3 or 4 pieces of bamboo skewer or chopsticks and put them into the mold. Use them to align the mold perfectly.

                                                  • Jeff V
                                                    Jeff V  9 hours back

                                                    Why hasn’t she made bubble gum yet?😤😤😤😡😡😡

                                                    • Atasha Esteban
                                                      Atasha Esteban  9 hours back

                                                      do sour patch kids !

                                                      • Stephanie H
                                                        Stephanie H  10 hours back

                                                        When making a mold, make a some holes (2-4 is usually good, using the rubber end of a pencil is a good way) around the sides of the first half. Then when putting the two halves together, press the areas over the holes so that you get the inverse. You get a few notches by doing this and makes it easier putting the two sides together when using the mold!! :--)

                                                        • David Chavez
                                                          David Chavez  10 hours back

                                                          This video proves that gaffer tape fixes anything

                                                          • Nat Hocut
                                                            Nat Hocut  10 hours back

                                                            Make Swedish Fish! They’re chewy like gummies but firm like licorice. Love you Claire

                                                            • Emily Stoettner
                                                              Emily Stoettner  10 hours back

                                                              Can you make Oreos, gold fish or Nutella to go?

                                                              • Alfiano Fong
                                                                Alfiano Fong  11 hours back


                                                                • Mark Sparlin
                                                                  Mark Sparlin  12 hours back

                                                                  Somehow I think Clarie isn't going to let this semi-success-failure rest...I see a redo in the future.

                                                                  • Geneva Doll
                                                                    Geneva Doll  12 hours back

                                                                    Dude, she started this in May? Because she said she took June off right? So she got back in July, and it came out in September?!?

                                                                    • TheDaringPastry1313
                                                                      TheDaringPastry1313  12 hours back

                                                                      Has anyone else been eating Peanut M&Ms and had 2 fused together or even one hollow with no peanut at all?

                                                                      • Fuzzy loveBits
                                                                        Fuzzy loveBits  13 hours back

                                                                        Next attempt to make mint Aero chocolate !!!!!

                                                                        • Geneva Doll
                                                                          Geneva Doll  13 hours back

                                                                          I gotta find out how peanut M&M’s are made now lol. I’m sure the candy layer they just tumble them in a big barrel on its side, spray some corn syrup maybe in layers and then the food coloring for last layer. Idk I’ve seen it done with skittles lol. But I wonder how they get the peanut in chocolate on such a large scale.

                                                                          • jonginni
                                                                            jonginni  13 hours back

                                                                            its not a gourmet makes episode without claire destroying kitchen equipments

                                                                            • Jakub Mjartan
                                                                              Jakub Mjartan  14 hours back

                                                                              Sue Murphy would be proud

                                                                              • BlackDawnYaoiLover
                                                                                BlackDawnYaoiLover  14 hours back

                                                                                By far one of the most convoluted GM XD

                                                                                • Tori Crabtree
                                                                                  Tori Crabtree  15 hours back

                                                                                  She should make Zots

                                                                                  • hen ko
                                                                                    hen ko  15 hours back

                                                                                    Claire should try doing Maltesers next!

                                                                                    • BlackDawnYaoiLover
                                                                                      BlackDawnYaoiLover  15 hours back

                                                                                      *Doesn't like peanuts in candy* Welp

                                                                                      • hen ko
                                                                                        hen ko  15 hours back

                                                                                        She should make GoldFish the snack that smiles back !

                                                                                    • pinguaina
                                                                                      pinguaina  15 hours back

                                                                                      Brad is so sexy.

                                                                                      • Dana Begody
                                                                                        Dana Begody  16 hours back

                                                                                        Why and how are u the coolest person I've never met but feel like I know u already?! You're the absolute most patient most brilliant most interesting person I've watched on here. Can u tell I love this series n u girl?! Thank u for all these awesome tutorial videos. U legit go thru hell just to be able to teach us how to do all this. My hat's off to u the chef!

                                                                                        • Nike IZABELA
                                                                                          Nike IZABELA  17 hours back

                                                                                          The Red Bag Peanut Butter m&ms are definitely my favorite

                                                                                          • Yesenia Marie
                                                                                            Yesenia Marie  17 hours back

                                                                                            You forgot this wonderful bit

                                                                                            "In 1911, Frank C. Mars founded Mars Incorporated, a small confectionery business in the town of Newark, N.J.
                                                                                            While abroad, Forrest Mars Sr. noticed British soldiers eating small, pill-sized candies called Smarties, made of a chocolate center and a hard candy shell. He was shocked to see that the candies held up in the summer heat, and that they were small and easy to transport.
                                                                                            Armed with his new knowledge – appropriated from British company H.I. Rowntree & Company – he moved back to the states to claim his spot in his father’s company. He secured a patent for the production of the chocolates, and, unhappy with the way his father was running the company, began to seek out a partner for his new and improved candy plan.
                                                                                            Which brings us to the second M in M&M, Bruce Murrie."